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Dear Parents, Guardians and Students,

Welcome to the Don Mills campus, where each week students come together with a shared vision to be inspired, motivated and develop a deeper understanding of mathematics. Our campus is in the heart of the Don Mills neighborhood, serving hundreds of young mathematicians.

We are currently in our 16th year, and as each year passes by we have the pleasure of seeing our graduates coming back to visit from university just to say hello and to update us on their great accomplishments. When comparing the graduates’ accomplishments to those of the new students starting grade 1, we can only imagine what heights these younger students will reach.

All of this is possible with the support of the parents and the dedication of the teachers who inspire confidence in their students’ learning, by teaching effectively and concisely. So dear parents, guardians and students, please always feel free to provide your comments to us at any time.



Kaynan Anshur

Campus Owner

Spirit of Math Don Mills Campus

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73 Underhill Drive, North York,  Toronto - M3A 2J8  ON, CA
 (416) 291-1330
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